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Dr Karen specialises in Animal and Nature-Assisted Therapy. To learn more, watch this video to hear how clients describe their own Birds of Prey Therapy Experiences

Individual Therapy with Birds of Prey in Private Devon Woodland

Individual Therapy is typically a series of 2 hour sessions that may include Animal- or Nature-Assisted Therapy, or both, depending on Dr Karen’s assessment of your needs.  Suitable for anyone wanting to improve their mental health, including those struggling with grief, anxiety, stress, PTSD, and chronic and severe illness.  Working at a primal level, the deep connection that Dr Karen helps you achieve can bring about real and lasting change and transformation

Times and dates of session are by arrangement after a consultation call to see how Dr Karen can help you. 

Venue: Private land in the Blackdown Hills, Devon.  Other locations possible by special arrangement to suit your needs, within c.20 miles of Wellington, Somerset.

Nature Assisted Therapy: £165  /  Animal Assisted Therapy: £245

Forest Bathing Nature Therapy

Forest bathing is also known by its Japanese name ‘shinrin yoku’. It is a practice of being mindful when experiencing nature, using all of your senses.  Whether individual or in a group, you will be invited both to walk, explore and to be still in a forest environment. This helps you to relax and feel a sense of belonging and well-being.

Individual sessions are offered on private land on weekdays near Clayhidon in the Blackdown Hills in Devon or near Nether Stowey in the Quantock Hills in Somerset.   

Regular sessions for group Forest Bathing are held on Mondays on private land, near Nether Stowey in the Quantock Hills, Somerset.    

Dr Karen can also run sessions in public woodlands by arrangement, up to 20miles from Wellington, Somerset. 

Individual Session:  £45/hour.
Group Session (Up to 6 people): £180 for a 2 hour session.

1 to 1 Support for Young People with Mental Health Needs

Bird Therapy

Children and young adults with Special Educational Needs often experience high levels of stress struggling to fit into conventional learning environments.

Unpressured time in nature and with birds of prey is a chance to engage with surroundings in a relaxed and instinctive way. These sessions are 1 to 1 time for young people to feel safe, supported, listened to, and to find their own strategies to work with nature for their own mental health.

Every person has individual needs which Dr Karen will discuss with you, but from experience the sessions are helpful for young people with anxiety, sensory sensitivity and Autism-Spectrum Disorder. Some parents/carers have been able to use SEN budget provision for regular sessions.

Dr Karen’s sessions take place outdoors, but are not ‘forest school’. There is no curriculum for these sessions. It is, however, a learning experience. It is common for children and young people to come out of their withdrawn behaviour and become lively and curious, and they often leave with lots of new knowledge about the birds and the forest.

Sessions take place on weekdays on private land near Clayhidon in the Blackdown Hills in Devon and are subject to availability and individual needs, but as an indication could be 1-2 hours per week or fortnight. Fees are based on a minimum rate of £65/hour

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