Dr Karen Stead-Dexter

Samhain Blessings….the ending of the Celtic Year.

🎃Autumn has reached its peak now; harvests have been gathered in. All life is withdrawing into itself in the Northern Hemisphere. The Celts understood this time to be nature’s death.

🎃Time for introspection, of death of things that no longer serve us, of finding completion and contemplation.

🎃An acceptance that all life must die so that life can be created once more.

🎃Of honouring our ancestors, not as beings to fear but as respected allies and councillors. Light a candle for them tonight and place a photo of a relative that no longer exists in the physical world – remember them, write down their story, give them gratitude for the lessons they have taught you. Tell others about them….allow them to live on.

🎃As we move into the New Celtic Year on 1st November this is a great time for divination too – dust out those oracle cards and link in with them once more for their guidance.

🎃Thank the Spirit of the Land under your home, and in the places where you work. This is a time for the land to rest and replenish its energy ready for Spring next year.

🎃At the setting of the Sun today we started the new Celtic year so Happy New Year to all my pagan friends.

Samhain celebrations can be hard, by celebrating the past with all its sorrow and fear. But taking time to feel this darkness can be truly transformative and healing…requiring courage for yourself and others too.

Allow a space to form within for endings and letting go and in doing so welcome in a new way of being.

Samhain Blessings x


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