Dr Karen Stead-Dexter

Mistletoe Essence

For Vitality


For health and vitality.

Co-created with the Celtic energy of Imbolc; Mistletoe taken from a Hawthorn tree.  Bringing in the energy of hope, balance and vitality when times are dark.  A very potent plant spirit ally for working between the realms, and shifting our perception to perceive the unseen more clearly.

A 30 ml healing essence made personally by Dr Karen, to be taken in drops as indicated on the bottle.

Note: None of the physical plant came into contact with the water – vibrational essence only.

Note: Customers outside of the UK may incur customs charges when they receive these essences. We cannot be held responsible for any additional charges incurred. For customers outside of the UK we advise that you familiarise yourself with customs rates in your country before purchasing. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The information on this website is not intended as medical advice and does not replace a consultation with an appropriate healthcare professional.
Dr Karen’s essences use spring water as the carrier of the energy, but this energy is better preserved using alcohol so the 30ml dosage bottles contain approximately 14% alcohol (ABV – alcohol volume). If you are sensitive to alcohol, essences can be prepared on request using glycerin instead.

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