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Dr Karen’s teachings combine scientific knowledge with spirituality and indigenous practices for living in harmony with nature.

Her meditations celebrate planet earth and focus on elements like a plant, tree, animal, water, the sun or moon.  

Each meditation

  • starts with a body relaxation
  • guides you to focus your mind and senses on a certain element
  • invites you to reflect on how the characteristics of this element of nature could bring you new perspectives on your life. It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with the plant or animal or not.

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Meditations to Download

Bear Meditation

For Introspection


Being Still Meditation

To Quieten the Mind


compassion body meditation

Body Scan Meditation

For relaxation


bramble meditation nature connection

Bramble Meditation 

For grounding & protection


Buck Moon (July) Meditation

For Strength and Power


Chakra Meditation

For Balance


Cold Moon (December) Meditation

For Rest and Renewal


compassion body meditation

Compassion for the Whole Body Meditation 

Nurture Compassion for Yourself


Condor Meditation

For Negative Emotions


Connect to Mother Earth Meditation

For Rejuvenation


Dog Rose Meditation

For Heeling Deep Wounds


Flower Moon (May) Meditation

For Blossoming


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