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Taking an essence, even just one drop at a time, is an effective form of energy medicine. 

People have used the healing properties of plants for thousands of years, for both physical and mental illness, but not all of the effects are explained by biochemical science. Instead quantum physics explains that everything around us, even what we can’t see or touch, is made up of vibrating atoms, all with different levels of vibrational energy. Water is able to pick up and ‘hold’ the vibrational energy of other substances, and so it can be used to carry the energy from, say, a plant to you, without you physically touching that plant yourself.

Your intuition will often guide you to which essences you need.  Take your time browsing what is available and take note if you keep coming back to certain ones. 

Using an essence means you can benefit from the energy, without having to absorb the actual biochemical substance. This means there is a low risk of having any physical side effects. However, these essences can help you release blocked emotions, so you may feel tired or feel mood changes from taking them. Every person has different needs and so responds differently.

Remember: The information on this website is not intended as medical advice and does not replace a consultation with an appropriate healthcare professional.

Dr Karen’s essences use spring water as the carrier of the energy, but this energy is better preserved using alcohol so the 30ml dosage bottles contain approximately 14% alcohol (ABV – alcohol volume). If you are sensitive to alcohol, essences can be prepared on request using glycerin instead.

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Ancient Wisdom Essences

Ashbrittle Yew Tree

Ashbrittle Yew Essence

For Connection


Blackbird Essence

For Your Voice


Blue Moon Mugwort

For Courage to Change


Bramble Essence

For Grounding


Brugmansia Essence

For a Clear Mind


Buck Moon Mugwort Essence

For Strength 


Californian Redwood Essence

For Growth


Condor Chumpi Essence

For Letting Go


Courage Essence

For Courage


Crow Moon Mugwort Essence

For Feminine Power


Dog Rose

For Healing the Heart


Dogs Mercury Essence

For Clearing Toxicity


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